Twin Cities Metro Area Happenings

The purpose of this website is to share information relevant to the Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota.  We hope that Minneapolis, St. Paul and Metro Area Suburban residents will find the information that we share about the Twin Cities useful.  We will publish our original thoughts and content as well as share the thoughts and content of influential people of the Twin Cities. The resources available for Minnesotans and our visitors are endless.  A quick stop to a nearby library or a simple google search will provide you with more information about the Twin Cities than you could possibly digest.  We hope to help you digest that information and learn a little bit more about what makes this State so fantastic.  If you have any special requests to hear more about certain Twin Cities influencers let us know.  Our first shout-out goes to a Top  Twin Cities Residental Real Estate Site.  If you click on their blog you can often find updates on new events in the Twin Cities as well as in sites on the current Twin Cities real estate market.  Our second shout out is an incredible locally grown Minnesota Comedian and Magician David Harris. David Harris will be at the Bryan Lake bowl for the third year in a hosting a variety show called Modern Vaudeville.